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HK Item #MW45

Porcupine Quill
Four Colors Medicine Wheels
Alan Monroe - Lakota

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Authentic Native American Lakota Indian porcupine quill wrapped four colors Medicine Wheel

Authentic Native American Lakota Indian porcupine quill wrapped four colors Medicine Wheel

Alan Monroe - Lakota
Porcupine Quill Wrapped

Four Colors Medicine Wheels

MW45 - A - 2-inch diameter - $38 plus s/h
MW45 - B - 7/8-inch diameter - $35 plus s/h
MW45 - C - 13/16-inch diameter - $35 plus s/h
MW45 - D - 3/4-inch diameter - $33

Paula says - "We had a hard time finding these medicine wheels because there are so few artists that make them. Excellent materials and workmanship; entirely hand crafted using authentic porcupine quills.

"A four colors quill medicine wheel makes a great gift to carry in a pocker or pouch, tie in your hair or hang on a rear view mirror."

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About Porcupine Quill Work

Porcupine quill work is one of the oldest and fastest disappearing Native American art forms. The Great Lakes and Plains Indians lived in the range of the porcupine and utilized the quills to decorate moccasins, sheaths, baskets, pipe stems and more. The porcupine was not sacrificed to obtain the quills, although porcupine meat is quite delicious. Instead the women of the tribe would throw a blanket over an unsuspecting porcupine who would release the quills as a defense and leave them in the blanket.

The quills are dyed with plant origin colors such as buffalo berry for red, sunflower or cone flower for yellow, and wild grapes for black. Once dry, they are oiled so they wouldn't become brittle and shatter when sewing them.

Beading began replacing quillwork in the early 1800s and today there are only a few artists that work with porcupine quills.


The Medicine Wheel is an integral part of American Indian Spirituality. It is based on the four cardinal directions and the four sacred colors. The circle represents life and the four colors symbolize the four directions, the four races, the four seasons and the four Lakota virtues of generosity, bravery, fortitude, and wisdom. At the center of the circle is the eternal fire from which everything originates and everything returns.. Read more about Four Colors Medicine Wheel.

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