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Horsekeeping On A Small Acregage by Cherry Hill, Revised

table of contents

Reviews of 2nd Edition

Reviews of 1st Edition

New!! Completely Revised and Updated Second Edition
Paperback - all color!

Expanded - 125 more pages and 180 more photos and drawings!

by Cherry Hill 

second edition hardbound and paperback; 303 pages; over 300 photos & drawings all in color

Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage
Second Edition, paperback


Here's what readers are saying about the new edition:

...truly inspiring...

Your work is truly inspiring to me and I feel your ideas and methods are wonderful. Your focus on the horse and what the horse needs is what I believe to be the most important. It's easy to find information that bases itself more on the humans needs and I appreciate your knowledge and care for the horse. Your answers have provided me with a great sense of where to start and where I can end up. AI

...the Bible for site planning... June 2007, Janie Coffey - South Florida Horse Real Estate

Cherry Hill's Book: "Horsekeeping on Small Acreage" (Actually any Cherry Hill Book!), is the Bible for Site Planning for Small Acreage.

...a treasure of knowledge... June 2006, Owen WI

Great book. Truely a treasure of knowledge. Exceptional for any animal enthustiast's library. Very informative. S.C.

...told me all I need to know about horses... June 2006, Sitka AK

This book has told me all I need to know about horses and gives me help with all my questions on barns, water, food, grain, weather, and routine! D.C.

The American Quarter Horse Journal August 2006

This book could save you thousands...

THERE ARE PLANS FOR VARIOUS TYPES OF stables, sample property layouts, suggested design features and a wealth of information on horse care.

Do you have trouble with the wind blowing the hay out of your horse's pen, There's a picture of a handy rubber windscreen, which minimizes feed blowing away, and as a bonus, protects the horse as well. Matting in loafing sheds is a way to minimize dirt intake when feeding and easy to clean as a bonus.

There are examples of various types of horse blankets and sheets, suggestions on setting up a useful tackroom and a lot more. Think about the enhancement of your property's future value when you are setting up your horse property. Try to anticipate future developments so that you won't have to revamp your arrangements when you make the next improvements.

Minimizing flies is very important, both for your own comfort and the comfort of your neighbors. If you don't keep your property clean, particularly a small parcel, it can become a mass of youknow what. Managing storm run off and mud can also be crucial in some areas.

This book could save you thousands by helping you do it right the first time.

Kathleen, a Canadian horse owner

My husband & I have found your books full of great information & really helped when we began building our small barn & paddock areas. We have 2 horses, a Paint & a Standardbred and with all the helpful info, our little hobby farm is really coming along.

Horsemen's Yankee Pedlar, November 2005

Best for: Those of us who want to keep happy, healthy horses at home.

Summary: The bible on keeping your horse at home is overhauled and expanded.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and her name is Cherry Hill. She is an award-winning author of more than twenty books and one thousand articles for various horse publications, and her offerings are thorough, thoughtful and easy to understand and implement.

The book is divided into three parts, "Knowing Horses," "Designing Your Acreage" and "Management." She concludes with "Recommended Reading," a glossary and a useful index, too. Knowing Horses includes chapters on ownership, behavior, needs and program, which refers to a management routine. Designing Your Acreage includes chapters on site, layout, barn, interior, outbuildings, equipment, fencing and arenas. The Management section breaks down into land, water, sanitation, disasters, security, routines and records.

She provides detailed sample layouts with materials for horse housing from a half-acre residential subdivision up to a twenty-acre ranch. The level of detail, the diagrams, the comparative charts, the photos, and the various layouts supplied by the author make this book a must-have.


Western Horseman , October 2005

addresses everything

With color photos and illustrations throughout, contains 25 percent new material ... addresses everything from layout and design to barn outbuildings, fencing, arenas and more ... considers management practices, such as those regarding land, water, sanitation and security ...

Karen - Got it yesterday. It's AWESOME!!!! It is much improved over the first edition. I am in the process of turning my property into a horse friendly environment and this book is pretty much our go by for changing our property from a swampy woodlands to what we need.

Midwest Book Review, July 4, 2005

A practical how-to manual horse owners will find essential.

It's even more important to manage one's horse in a small acreage situation, and that's there renowned instructor/horse trainer Cherry Hill comes in, offering her years of expertise and teaching how to refine horse care tasks. Horse behavior and needs supplement various management method alternatives for different goals and lifestyles in a practical how-to manual horse owners will find essential. This new edition features expanded focus on environmentally responsible management methods, acreage selection, barn designs and much more.

Rob - The book is great, well bound, good paperstock and the pictures are wonderful. Looking forward to a good read!

Read what readers said about the first edition.

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