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Arena Pocket Guides are handy tools for both instructors and riders.
The compact design makes it easy to carry them out to the arena for a lesson or practice.


Set of three Western Arena Riding Exercises books.

Set of 3
Arena Pocket Guides
as described below

A set of all three Western Arena Pocket Guides: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced. See detailed descriptions of each guide below.

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Western Exercises, Set of 3
Price: $26.95

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I learned a western half halt!, July 11, 2000
Reviewer: A reader
I'm a dyed in the wool western rider and have heard trainers say "check your horse" but didn't realize until I bought this book that a western check is about the same thing as what dressage riders call a half halt. With just this one exercise from this book, I am now finally getting my horse collected. I like the handy size - I stuff it in the gullet of my saddle on top of the blanket. I bought the advanced western book too.

For more information on exercises see 101 Arena Exercisesand Becoming an Effective Rider.

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