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101 Horsemanship and Equitation Patterns, A Western and English Ringside Guide for Practice and Show by Cherry Hill 

  Winner of the 1999 Colorado Authors League
Top Hand Award for Specialty Writing.

101 Horsemanship and  Equitation Patterns
A Western and English Ringside Guide for Practice and Show
by Cherry Hill,  Illustrations by Richard Klimesh

248 Pages; 101 Arena Maps; comb bound;

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101 Horsemanship and Equitation Patterns

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"Perfect your English or Western riding with these challenging and enjoyable patterns.  These patterns will not only sharpen your riding skills, but if you compete you will learn the moves  that make judges take notice."  Cherry Hill, award-winning author of books on horse training, riding, horse care, horse facilities, management, grooming, and health care. customer commentsCustomer Comments

"My trainer and I use your 101 Equitation Patterns book to train for AQHA Equitation classes. My trainer, is a 30 year AQHA approved judge who travels the world judging AQHA shows. He admires your clever patterns and enjoys putting me through my "paces. He is very interested in using some of your more difficult equitation patterns and possibly horsemanship patterns in AQHA sanctioned shows." - Ms. S

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Look for the handy CHARTS that helps you gauge the number of steps and strides for each gait and maneuvers including how many strides at each gait fit in various sized circles. 

yin yangLarge arena maps provide easy reference from the saddle.

yin yangThe comb bound book with drilled hole is easy to hang or lay flat.

yin yangPattern Help  gives detailed instructions for each exercise.

yin yangTip Boxes offer helpful hints and precautions."



  • The Rider's Position and Performance
  • The Natural Aids
  • The Ideal Horse Class Routine
  • Riding Patterns
  • Rail Work
  • Preparation Prevents Problems
  • Avoid These Pitfalls
  • Preparing for a Pattern at Home
  • At the Show
  • Getting Ready for Your Performance
  • The Warm-Up In the Ring
  • Problems
  • Pattern Errors and Problems
  • Areas That Receive Penalties
  • Probable Disqualifications
  • Severe Faults Other Faults
  • Pattern Instructions
  • Arena Map Key  

Western Horsemanship

What is Good Horsemanship?    

  • Seat  
  • Upper Body    
  • Arms    
  • Legs    
  • Position in Motion


  • Illegal Equipment
  • Gaits

    • Walk
    • Jog
    • Extended Jog
    • Lope
    • Counter-canter
    • Extended Lope
    • Gallop
    • Back  


    • Straight Lines
    • Curved Lines    
    • Serpentine
    • Circle  
    • Figure 8
    • Stop
    • Turn
    • Pivot
    • Spin
    • Rollback
    • Turn on the Forehand
    • Turn on the Hindquarters
    • Sidepass
    • Two-track
    • Leg yield
    • Simple lead change
    • Flying lead change
    • Counter canter
    • Any other maneuver
    • Ride without stirrups

    Usually Not Allowed  

    Steps and Strides for Gaits and Maneuvers  

    Number of Strides in Various Sized Circles   

    Western Horsemanship Patterns       

    • 1-15 Beginning Western Horsemanship Patterns
    • 16-32 Intermediate Western Horsemanship Patterns
    • 33-50 Advanced Western Horsemanship Patterns

    English Equitation

    Hunter Seat Equitation    

    • General Position and Seat    
    • Legs    
    • Arms and Hands    
    • Mounting and Dismounting    
    • Position in Motion  

    Saddle Seat Equitation

    Dressage Equitation

    Class Routine


    • Walk    
    • Trot    
    • Extended Trot    
    • Canter    
    • Counter-Canter    
    • Extended Canter    
    • Hand Gallop    
    • Rein Back Saddle Seat    
    • Rein Back Hunter Seat and Dressage    


    • Straight Lines    
    • Curved Lines    
    • Serpentine    
    • Circle    
    • Figure 8    
    • Halt    
    • Turn    
    • Turn on the Forehand    
    • Turn on the Haunches    
    • Leg Yield    
    • Simple Lead Change    
    • Flying Lead Change    
    • Any Other Test    
    • Change of Diagonal    
    • Addressing the Reins    
    • Feet Disengaged From Stirrups/Feet Engaged    
    • Ride without Stirrups    
    • Demonstrating Simple Change of Lead    
    • Demonstration Ride of Approximately 1 Minute on Your Own Mount  

    Usually not Allowed    

    Asking Riders to Mount and Dismount    

    Asking Riders to Exchange Horses  

    Steps and Strides for Gaits and Maneuvers  

    Number of Strides in Various Sized Circles  

    English Equitation Patterns     

    • 51-64 Beginning English Equitation Patterns
    • 65-86 Intermediate English Equitation Patterns
    • 87-101 Advanced English Equitation Patterns  


    • Horse Show Checklists    
    • Paperwork Checklists    
    • For the Rider    
    • Horse Care Items    
    • Tack and Tack Care    
    • Grooming Kit    
    • Traveling    
    • First Aid    
    • Miscellaneous  
    • Some Breed and Performance Organizations That Conduct Horsemanship and Equitation Classes  

    For more help with riding arena exercises, see:
    101 Arena Exercises,    English Pocket Guides,
    Western Pocket Guides,  and   Becoming an Effective Rider

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