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horse training young horse first year audio tape

The First Year Under Saddle

read by the author Cherry Hill 

90 minute audio cassette tape

   Making, Not Breaking book 

Making, Not Breaking, audio tape
Price: $14.95

Making, Not Breaking
book and tape set.

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Making, Not Breaking, book and audio tape set
Price: $39.95

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"This audio tape is an abridged version of my book Making Not Breaking: The First Year Under Saddle. 

"On the tape you will hear my training philosophies, all about the three stages of training, training principles, using reward and punishment appropriately, guidelines for a training session, and safe first mounting. 

"You'll get detailed coaching for the first rides, teaching your horse forward movement, developing solid transitions, using your seat effectively, helping your horse to accept the bit, teaching lateral movement, the turn on the forehand, bending and circle work, the lope/canter depart, straight square halts, backing, and riding out of the arena. 

"As we go along, I'll remind you to keep your horse's long-term physical and mental development in mind.  "The material is applicable to both English and Western horses." 

   For more information on mounted training see:
101 Arena Exercises,   Making Not Breaking,  and  Becoming an Effective Rider

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