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Horse Training, Horse Care, and Riding Books and Videos from Cherry Hill at
from Cherry Hill

Free Book !    ( you only have to ask ... )

When the total of your book and DVD order is $75 (not counting shipping)
choose which book you'd like to receive free.

DON'T ORDER the book or add it to your cart
because it will be charged to your order at its regular price.

Instead, just make a note in the comment section of your order as to which book you would like free.
We will add it to your package at no charge and with no additional shipping charges.

Your choices include: (the links are provided to allow you to view the Table of Contents,
Reviews etc. - remember, don't add the book to the cart from those pages !)

Horse for Sale
From the Center of the Ring

Enjoy your free book with our compliments !

(Important note: If you don't indicate which book you would like, we won't enclose a free book.)

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