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Ground Driving in the Arena

  2009 Cherry Hill   Copyright Information

Before mounting up for the first arena ride, Richard wanted to introduce Sherlock to the outdoor arena where the sights and sounds and distractions are different than down in the round pen.Richard first led Sherlock once around the arena each way on a long lead. Sherlock was alert but calm, so Richard proceeded to a review of ground driving. Conducted only at the walk, his plan was to walk along the rail, turn and stop.

Akhal Teke ground drivingRichard starts off using short driving lines in a 3/4 rear position. Here he guides Sherlock without being in a dangerous position behind. He asks Sherlock to walk around the perimeter of the arena several times in both directions so that Sherlock can look at everything and establish an association of relaxation with his new work space. This can be done with the driving lines attached to a halter first. But eventually you want to drive your horse in the bridle you will take your first ride with.

Richard is carrying an in-hand stick as a visual cue to keep Sherlock's forward motion steady. Sherlock is thinking about stopping to sniff here and there. Walk on !

Akhal Teke ground driving

With a more alert and go forward attitude, things are going along well.

Akhal Teke ground driving

Using the inside rein, Richard brings Sherlock in off the rail into a full circle left.

Akhal Teke ground driving

Rejoining the rail, Sherlock has maintained a gentle bend, and is relaxed about his work.


Although we are only showing a few photos of each stage, please note that before riding, for safety's sake, every horse should be thoroughly sacked out to ropes, flapping items such as clothing, odd items along the rail and other distractions.

Have a great ride !

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