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Cherry Hill's Horsekeeping Almanac
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Sherlock Moves to the Arena

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After riding Sherlock a few times in the round pen, Richard was ready to introduce him to working in a larger space. This would allow Sherlock to move out in longer, freer strides. Forward motion is one of the first goals in training a young horse and you will rely on it for everything else you will teach your horse.

So, Richard saddled and bridled Sherlock. With a rope halter and lead under the bridle - leading is more effective and easier to do correctly using a halter rather than a bridle.

Akhal Teke sacking out to flag

Akhal Teke sacking out to flag

Akhal Teke sacking out to flag

Akhal Teke sacking out to flag



Richard started to lead Sherlock to the arena, but that new route took them past the flag pole.




It was a windy day but Richard is not one to avoid working a horse in adverse conditions. In fact, he'd probably choose a windy day or hail storm ! He wants his horse to get used to everything.



The whipping and cracking flag startled Sherlock so Richard took him over to the flag and then the two of them just hung out for a while, allowing Sherlock to get used to the unpredictable nature of a flapping flag.




After a while, Sherlock, who is a smart and honest horse, realized that the flag, although something to notice, was not something to fear.





After Richard felt Sherlock was ready, he led him back and forth under the flag from different directions, further establishing his confidence.



Even though you might have a particular goal in mind as you work with your horse, often your horse will tell you what HE needs to work on. It is good to be flexible and do what needs to be done rather than what you had planned to do.

Tune in next month for what happens when Richard and Sherlock got to the arena...

Have a great year and a great ride !

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