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Fancy Dancer Collection Navajo Jewelry Collection3 Pair of NOS Post Earrings
HK Item #BBE46

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three pair of Post earrings

3 Pair NOS Post Earrings

BBE46 - $30
plus s/h

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NOS, new old stock
largest purple earrings are 1 1/4" long



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What is the Bargain Barn?

The items in the Bargain Barn are a mixed bag, new and used, some with materials, date and origin unknown.
Some pieces might be Native American made but since we can't authenticate them,
we've put them here rather than in our Vintage Shop.

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Fancy Dancer Collection Navajo Jewelry CollectionFancy Dancer Collection

The owner of this jewelry, RT, was a 100% Sac and Fox Nation member who was an avid fancy dancer. Fancy Dancing is loosely based on war dancing but considered appropriate to perform in public. Today fancy dancers perform at many powwows across the North American continent and the world. A big part of powwows are the craft tables and tents that members set up to sell items they or other family or friends have made. RT was a fancy dancer for many years and she also had a booth at powwows. When RT passed away, her family was left with the items from her many years participating in powwows. After gifts were shared with her 6 step children and 11 step grandchildren, we purchased the rest and offer it to you.

Horsekeeping LLC - Definitions of Jewelry Age and Condition
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A dark or colored film of oxidation that forms naturally on metal exposure to air and other elements. It is often valued for its aesthetically pleasing appearance.
30 years or older.
New Old Stock. Store inventory from at least 10 years ago that was never sold.
An item that has been used.


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