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What is the Bargain Barn?

The Bargain Barn is part of our Native American vintage jewelry rescue business. We are committed to finding new homes for used, antique, pawn and vintage jewelry and artifacts. That's why we purchase Native American pieces from estates, inheritances, collection downsizing and New Old Stock (NOS) inventory from closed stores.

We sort jewelry and artifacts into three groups:

  • New Jewelry Store - these are New Old Stock (NOS) items that are brand new and never used, usually from old stores and trading posts that have gone out of business. Many have original price tags.
  • Vintage Shop - this where pre-owned items that we know are Native American made go. Jewelry and artifacts that either have hallmarks identifying the maker or unmistakable characteristics of being made by Indian craftsmen.
  • Bargain Barn - those items that are not Native American made or cannot be verified as such go into our Bargain Barn where prices are very low, sort of like a garage sale online. You'll find costume jewelry along with Native American items that just can't be authenticated. We'll give you as much information as we can about each item, but often the materials, date and origin are unknown.

Some real treasures are lurking in the Bargain Barn and we hope you'll find something special that will complete yet another circle of our jewelry re-homing mission. Happy treasure hunting!

Bargain Barn items are sold as described and are not returnable.

Native American Jewelry Blog tips and iinformationWhat Our Bargain Barn Customers Say:

"I love the twist bracelet! It's really comfortable and just what I wanted. I'm glad I bought's one of those bracelets that can be left on all the time. Thanks for sending it out so quickly." - Deb

"The patina of the horse earrings is beautiful. I was considering getting these for a gift, but it will be hard to part with them. The simplicity of them is what makes them so special and pretty." - NL
"Hi Paula, I am so glad I bought the roadrunner pin. I just love it! It's well made and I really like the shape of it. Thank you for helping me again." - D
"My huichol bracelet came in perfect condition and as described. I just wanted to say thank you and Iwill continue to visit your
cool website. I appreciate the expediency of the service." -

"Thanks so much, just got the Denim Lapis ring in the mail today and immediately put it on. Fits real nice and ... appreciate your prompt service and delivery (as usual ) and will probably be back for more sometime in the future." - Shirl
"Hello Paula, I loveeeeeeeeeeee my ring & the slave bracelet also. I wanted to thank you." - Maria

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