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vintage faux pearl necklace
Vintage Faux Pearl Necklace
46" - BBN44 - $20
Brass and Turquoise Cross with Chain and turquoise cabochon
Brass and Turquoise Cross
30" - BBN132 - $75

Bargain Barn lot of three beaded necklaces and a bolo tie
3 Necklaces, 1 Bolo
BBS71 - $40

Block Turquoise necklace 28 inches long
Block Turquoise
28" - BBN135 - $75
Bird Man Kachina on Liquid Silver Necklace 15 inches long
Bird Man Kachina
15" - BBN158 - $35
Real Corn Necklace 24 inches long
Real Corn Necklace
24" - BBN154 - $35
Thunderbird Heishi Necklace 23 inches long
Thunderbird on Pen Shell Heishi
24" - BBN157 - $40
turquoise heishi and 17 animal fetish necklace 22 inches long
17 Animal Fetish
22" - BBN159 - $30
White Bird Heishi Necklace 24 inches long
Pen Shell Heishi with White Bird
24" - BBN155 - $90
Vintage Sterling Silver and Turquoise Filipino Sunburst Pendant Necklace with Collar
Vintage Turquoise
Auntie T Collection
16" to 24" - BBN83 - $295
pen shell heishi and 11 animal fetish necklace 25 inches long
11 Animal Fetish
25" - BBN160 - $60
Kachina on Liquid Silver Necklace 14 inches long
Kachina on Liquid Silver Choker
14" - BBN156 - $35

plastic heishi necklace 20 inch
Plastic Heishi

20" - BBN56 - $15

green nugget necklace 32 inches long
Green Nuggets
32" - BBN134 - $35
olive shell heishi, turquoise and Jasper Tab necklace 25 inches long
Turquoise and Jasper
25" - BBN151 - $75
Plains Indian Style Breastplate with bone hair pipe beads
Plains Indian-style Breatplate
adjustable - BBN131 - $95
Beaded Four Colors Medicine Wheel Pendant
Four Colors Medicine Wheel
NP489B - $48

Imitation pearls and gold necklaces and pendants
"Pearls and Gold" Group
BBN30 - $35

Three Animal Fetish Necklaces
3 Animal Fetish Necklaces

27" - BBN109 - $125

Bargain Barn two  necklaces
2 Necklaces
BBS46 - $35

White Clamshell Jacla necklace 28 inches long
5 Sterling Silver Pendants
BBN144 - $195

choker necklaces for kids
Lot of 4 Kid Chokers
BBN20 - $20

Orange Spiny Oyster Necklace 22 inches long
Turquoise Gumball
22" - BBN128 - $145

Om Necklace and Earring Set
Om Set Necklace and Earrings

Bargain Barn lot of five beaded necklaces
5 Necklaces
BBS72 - $40

Two neclaces with red beads
2 Necklaces with Red Beads
BBN130 - $45

Beaded Four Colors Medicine Wheel Pendant
Four Colors Medicine Wheel
NP489A - $48

Bargain Barn lot of four necklaces
Four Necklaces
BBS91 - $65

Lot of Six Sterling Silver Pendants
Lot of 6 Pendants
BBN162 - $45

Bargain Barn magnetic hematite necklace and bracelet set
Magnetic Hematite Set
BBS28 - $30

Bargain Barn lot of nine trade bead necklaces
9 Trade Bead Necklaces
BBS75 - $55

Shell Necklace
Shell Necklace 34"

Bargain Barn Jewelry lot of four necklaces
Lot of 4 Necklaces
BBS40 - $30

Vintage Necklaces

New Heishi Necklaces

Vintage Necklaces

New Heishi Necklaces

Vintage Necklaces

New Heishi Necklaces

What is the Bargain Barn?

Horsekeeping LLC Book and Videos, horse articles, Native American jewelryOur Bargain Barn is a mixed bag of new and used items. They might come from inheritances, estate sales, private collections, and store liquidations. We'll give you as much information as we can, but often the materials, date and origin are unknown.
Bargain Barn items are sold as described and are not returnable.

For vintage items visit our Vintage Shop.

For new items visit our New Jewelry Store.

Native American Jewelry Blog tips and iinformationhorsekeeping.com customer commentsCustomer Comments

"I was tickled with each and every item. You had them wrapped up so good and safe. They arrived here all just fine. The turtle earrings are great! It is cool the way they're made so they have that glistening look to them." - DE

"Beautiful set of bracelets, exactly as described and very good quality. Thanks !" - Carol

"I received my two purses, the wallet and the seven silver bracelets. Everything was packaged very well, I love EVERYthing, and thank you so much for my purchases. I really like them, they are exactly as pictured, no surprises, except of course how well everything is made and how everything has stood up to the sands of time. I will be perusing your site again, looking for more goodies. Thanks, again!!" - PW

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