Authentic Native American Indian Dreamcatcher Earrings

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Authentic Navajo Sterling Silver
Dreamcatcher Earrings
HK Item #NE327

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Authentic Native American sterling silver dreamcatcher earrings with turquoise stone and feather by Navajo Lorenzo Arviso

Paula says -

"Each earring has a turquoise nugget suspended in the dreamcatcher and a sterling silver feather below."

Lorenzo Arviso - Navajo
Single Hoop and Turquoise Nugget
Dreamcatcher Earrings
2 1/2" long with ear wire.
3/4" diameter hoops.

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A dreamcatcher is based on a willow hoop on which is woven a net or web of sinew. It is then decorated with personal and sacred items such as feathers and beads. Dreamcatchers originated in the Ojibwa Nation and were adopted by Native Americans of a number of different Nations. Some consider the dreamcatcher a symbol of unity among the various Indian Nations, and a general symbol of identification with Native American or First Nations cultures. Others believe that dreamcatchers protect sleepers from nightmares, allowing only good dreams to pass through and catching bad dreams in the net where they perish in the light of day.

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