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Native American Jewelry and Artifact Information
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About Summer Bracelets

If you are a die hard cuff bracelet wearer like I am, there are several types of Native American sterling silver cuff bracelets that are cooler to wear in summer weather than the traditional solid cuffs.

Native American spread wire sandcast braceletOne is called the spread wire bracelet. It is almost as if the artists has opened up the bracelet to let the wrist breathe !! I’ve seen those with 3 and 5 bands (and matching rings) but the sky is the limit.

Native American sandcast sterling silver bracelet    


Native American Indian sterling silver mesh braceletAnother type is what I call the mesh bracelet. Instead of a solid band, the bracelet is made of interwoven strands of sterling silver that results in an open weave, allowing air circulation. Many of these are made by the Tahe family, noted Navajo silversmiths.

Authentic Native American sandcast sterling silver and Morenci Turquoise bracelet 6 3/4 by Navajo Harrison BitsuiAnd finally there are the sandcast bracelets with or without stones. The designs and widths vary but all allow a generous amount of breathing room !

Authentic Native American vintage Sandcast Sterling Silver bracelet 6 7/8 inch by Navajo silversmith Jimmie Yazzie

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