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Tom Yazzie, Navajo - Sterling Silver
Ladies Opal Inlay Watch Tips
HK Item # WL-408

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Authentic Native American Sterling Silver and Opal Watch tips by Navajo Tom Yazzie


Watch tips are 1 1/8" long x 1/2" wide..

Tell us in the note section of your order what size wrist you have and we will put the appropriate size expansion band on the watch before we send it.

TIPS: imitation opal, read about stones;
sterling silver, read about silver;
stamped: AY   Sterling
Tom Yazzie, Navajo

Authentic Native American Sterling Silver and Opal Watch tips by Navajo Tom Yazzie

Inlaid watch tips are 1 1/8" x 1/2".

Tom Yazzie,- Navajo
Sterling Silver
Opal Inlay Watch Tips
WL-408 -

$245 plus s/h

Paula says - "Corn row inlay is characterized by neat rows of stones having a raised profile and rounded edges. This technique is extremely attractive and it takes a talented stone worker to master it.

"You are buying the two watch tips shown here. Beautiful opal inlay with sterling silver channels. Excellent workmanship!"

"You are buying two watch tips. The term Watch Tips refers to the two Native American made decorative panels that connect the timepiece to the expansion band.

"We include at no extra charge an expansion band and the new timepiece pictured here. (Neither of these are sterling silver nor Native American made). The timepiece will be running when it leaves here. We are selling you the tips only - the timepiece and band are included free of charge, we make no warranty on the timepiece or band. With that said, I have never had one of these watches fail me, but then I don't wear my watch in the shower or while doing dishes."


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Opal is a naturally blue stone with interior fracturing of light which results in a play of color. Opal is October's birthstone and is believed to make the wearer less self-conscious, thereby encouraging spontaneous action and awakening one's psyche.

Natural opal

(also known as precious opal) contains between 3-10% water but can be as high as 20% and this can make the stones less stable.

Lab opal

is considered a true synthetic or created opal produced in controlled laboratory conditions and with the same chemical composition as natural opal but with a very low moisture content making it more durable. Lab opal has much fracturing of light and brilliant colors including blue, pink, purple, red and green. Most opal used in Native American jewelry is lab opal.

Imitation opal

(artificial or simulated opal) is different chemically from natural and lab opal. It is made up of 80% silica and 20% resin and is an economical option to both precious and lab opal.

Read more about opal.     Read about stones.

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