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Smudging - The Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing

Smudging is a common, contemporary term for "The Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing", a traditional Native American ceremony that uses the smoke from burning herbs for purification. Read more about Smudging.

California white sage bundles

California White Sage
SKCW - 8 to 9 inches long

Paula says - "These bundles are very thick and leafy."

1 bundle - $12 plus s/h

3 bundles - $33 plus s/h


Grandfather Sage - Montana White Sage - bundle

Grandfather Sage
(Montana White Sage)
H2 - approx. 10 x 2 inches

1 bundle - $7.50 plus s/h

3 bundles - $20 plus s/h

Authentic Canadian Cree Sweetgrass braids

Canadian Cree
Sweetgrass Braids
18-20" long

Paula says - "Native picked, not cut. From Saskatchewan, Canada"

1 Braid - $8.50 plus s/h

3 Braids - $22 plus s/h

Northern Traditional sage bundle

Northern Traditional Sage
H3 - approx 10 inches long

1 bundle - $7.50 plus s/h

3 bundles - $20 plus s/h

Native American Indian Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing Smudge Kit


See Smudge Bowls, Kits, Fans, Books and other supplies customer commentsCustomer Comments

"Just a note to say thanks, the smudge kit arrived safe and sound. Much appreciation." - G from Australia

"The smudge fan, sage, and shell my husband ordered came today and it's just perfect. The care you took in packing everything was exceptional. Also love all the wonderful information to be found on your site. Can't wait to order from you again!" - Arielle
"Hello, I got my raven pipe today, together with sweet-grass and sage! Thank you very much, pipe is sooo beautiful and excellent made, please tell that to artist who crafted it and the sage and sweet-grass are fantastic! Thank you!" - Dario


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