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101 Horsekeeping Tips

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101 Horskeeping Tips videos, handling, grooming, feeding, health care, facilities, tack.

3 Cassette Tapes
New, in Shrink Wrap

$26 for Set plus s/h


101 Horsekeeping Tips Vol. 1
Handling & Grooming
VHS CAssette Tape

46 minutes

101 Horsekeeping Tips Vol. 2
Feeding & Health Care
VHS Cassette Tape
50 minutes

101 Horsekeeping Tips Vol. 3
Facilities & Tack
VHS Cassette Tape
47 minutes


1) Strap Halter Fit
2) Rope Halter Fit
3) Lead Rope
4) In-Hand Whip
5) Approaching
6) Haltering
7) Turning Loose
8) NO Hand Treats
9) Using Treats
10) Leading
11) Off Side
12) Forehand Turn
13) Whoa
14) Quick Release Knot
15) Tie Height
16) Tie Length
17) Move Safely
18) Blind Spots
19) Leg Lift


20) Barn Apron
21) Shedding Blade
22) Curry
23) Cleaning Hoof
24) Leg Grooming
25) Bathing
26) Stepstool
27) Shampoo
28) Chestnuts
29) Brushing Tail
30) Banging Tail
31) Barn Scissors
32) Winter Tail
33) Ear Clip
34) Bridle Path
35) Clipper Blades


36) Weight
37) Height
38) Hay Type
39) Hay Amount
40) Weigh Hay
41) Winter Feeding
42) Moldy Hay
43) Ground Feeding
44) Sand Colic
45) Feeder Net
46) Weigh Grain
47) Feed Individually
48) Bolting Grain
49) Salt & Minerals
50) Hay Carrier
51) Hay Knife
52) Knife of Twine
53) Dregs


54) First Aid Kit
55) Mercury Thermometer
56) Pulse
57) CRT
58) Pinch Test
59) Bandage Slitter
60) Lost Shoes
61) Bare Hoof
62) Stall Cleaning
63) Head Flies
64) Wads 'n' Worms
65) Pill Prep
66) Oral Meds
67) Pill Paste
68) Floating Teeth
69) Turnout Halter
70) Ponying


71) Feed Barrels
72) Feed Board
73) Supply Racks
74) Bridle Storage
75) Hitch Rail
76) Cubbyholes
77) Panel Gaps
78) Gate Chain
79) Fire Strip
80) Fire Extinguisher
81) Splash Cup
82) Drain Box
83) Water Buddy
84) No Chew
85) Hay Pallets
86) Barn Carts
87) Round Pen Size



88) Leather Cleaning Tools
89) Conditioning Leather
90) Finishing Leather
91) Field Washing
92) Washing Pads
93) Indoor Horse Clothing
94) Outdoor Horse Clothing
95) Blanket Size
96) Blanket Donuts
97) Blanket Zap
98) Protecting VELCRO®
99) Cleaning VELCRO®
100) Blanket Storage
101) Fly Gear

Here's what viewers are saying about 101 Horsekeeping Tips:

The Aiken Horse - "...a superbly produced and directed DVD, not only educational but also entertaining. The background scenery, the horses and the facilities are outstanding - this DVD is worth watching if just for these things! Along the way you will gather some new knowledge and marvel at Ms. Hill's innovative horse training." read complete review

Cynthia -  "I would like you to know we have been watching the 101horsekeeping tips tapes. They are wonderful, instructive, and easy to follow. We also have some of Cherry Hills books. The books and tapes are particularly good for my learning disabled daughter. She is a visual kinesthetic learner so the detailed photographs and clear explanations are very helpful."
Library Journal - "Volume 1 covers safe handling and basic grooming…Volume 2 contains a great deal of useful and exacting detail on feeding and equally useful suggestions for administering medication…Volume 3 includes solid information…the information presented is valuable and easy to understand… Recommended for libraries with equine collections."
Western Horseman - "Although all of Hill's work crosses ages, genders, riding levels and disciplines, these videos are especially useful as teaching aids for 4 H and horse club meetings....quick-hit format, combined with excellent audio and visuals, and hints of humor make for an entertaining and informative program."   read complete review
Horseman's Yankee Pedlar - "...presented in a friendly format, making it educational for the entire family...great information and safety tips - especially for 'nonhorsey' people that may have to handle horses on occasion...and while the initial purchase price is steep, the information is well worth it."
The American Quarter Horse Journal - "Full of good information for everyone, there is a lot to be learned in this set of tapes. Safety and efficiency are emphasized throughout..."
THE HORSE - "Each volume has practical ideas for better horse care, saving money, safer horse handling, and how to get the most out of you horse time, making horsekeeping a pleasure for both you and your horses."
Blue Ribbon Books - "The clever mix of good info and fun is perfect! "
United States Pony Club - "... a down-to-earth, interesting and safety conscious set of tips that are all easy to understand and implement."
Horse & Rider - "This three-video set is chock-full of great tips and ideas that'll keep your horses safe, healthy and well-managed."
Equestrian Retailer - "...an innovative three-volume set featuring Cherry Hill, one of America's top equine authors...fun to watch and easy to understand."
Southeast Equine Magazine - "Everyone can learn something about the care of horses, safety, barn organization and more. It really is worth it and is enjoyable to watch."
Jessica Jahiel - "The videos are very well-made and clear - they are quality productions..."
Jan Meerdink - "Good tapes for those new to horsekeeping and also good reminders for those of us who have been around for a long time."
Tack 'n Togs Merchandising - "Cherry Hill brings her reader-friendly writing style to this three-video set packed full of valuable and entertaining tips..."

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