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Native American Home Decor
Rugs - Art - Wall Hangings

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Hand made Native American Indian Horse Spirit Animals
Lakota Animal Spirits
Native American Hopi kachina dolls
Native American Dolls
Lakota   Dance Stick
Lakota Dance Sticks
Native American Lakota animal stick wall hangings
Sweet Dreams Power Bundles
 Native American Apache Indian Dreamcatcher
Lakota ledger art by Alan Monroe
Lakota Ledger-Style Art

Native American Lakota animal stick wall hangings
Animal Stick Wall Hangings

Authentic Native American handmade rawhide rattle with COA by Navajo Fedelia Beaver
Navajo Rattle Selection
Fedelia Beaver, Navajo
RT950 - $19 each

Authentic Native American wrapped Medicine Wheel with painted antler slice and goose feathers by Navajo Nathan Boyd
Navajo Medicine Wheels

Lakota ledger art by Alan Monroe
Sculpture, Boxes
Authentic Lucky Horseshoe
Lucky Horseshoes
Oglala Lakota feathers
Lakota Feathers
Pewter Horse Ornament, Hand Painted
Pewter Horse Ornament
Native American Jewelry Blog tips and iinformation


Ancient talismans against all negativity and evil. Embody those who have gone before, representing their strengths, positive energies, and beautiful Spirit. Each doll is infused with tremendous positive energy, awaiting their new homes.


The Medicine Wheel represents American Indian Spirituality - the journey each individual must take to find his or her path. The Medicine Wheel is based on the four cardinal directions and the four sacred colors. A circle represents life; at the center of the circle is the eternal fire.


A dreamcatcher is based on a willow hoop on which is woven a net or web of sinew. It is then decorated with personal and sacred items such as feathers and beads. Dreamcatchers originated in the Ojibwa Nation and were adopted by Native Americans of a number of different Nations. Some consider the dreamcatcher a symbol of unity among the various Indian Nations, and a general symbol of identification with Native American or First Nations cultures. Others believe that dreamcatchers protect sleepers from nightmares, allowing only good dreams to pass through and catching bad dreams in the net where they perish in the light of day.


Shields are ancient ceremonial tools, providing protection from that which would harm or divert one from the good path, bringing strength and healing through ones power totems, Spirit Animals and Beings, and Mother Earths elements.


A design symbolic of the universe that is used in Hinduism and Buddhism as an aid to meditation. A Native American mandala is a hoop similar to a dreamcatcher but instead of a web the hoop is filled with yarn, feathers, fur and usually has feathers hanging from the bottom. A mandala is something you use in ceremony or hang for prosperity and good fortune on a door or wall inside your office, home, hogan, or tipi.


The Medicine Stick brings positive energy. The red, yellow, white and black ribbons represent the Four Directions from which all strength comes. The feather represents Freedom. Thoughts, Prayers, and Choices are represented by the bead circle which shows us that our thoughts return to us again and again. Turquoise protects us and keeps us Positive in thought. The rabbit fur is to help us keep a warm heart. The fur reminds us that Mother Earth is the Giver of Life and we should walk softly. The Sage Medicine Stick exists that we might all live in Love and Oneness.

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