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Hoof Care
101 Longeing and
Long Lining Exercises
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101 Longeing and Long Lining Exeercises
Longeing and Long Lining the Western Horse
Held in an open round pen with horses nearby in pastures, grazing, racing around.
Entire lesson was 30 minutes.

Sherlock's Third Longeing Lesson - "Face me."

Facing Me

Next time around I ask him to stop and he does and starts to face me.

This is OK but I really didn't ask for the beginning of a turn.

I let him stand there partly turned before I proceed.

(Later in this lesson I will insist that he stops straight).

Sherlock's Third Longeing Lesson - walk-around turn.


I ask him to perform a walk-around turn - in other words, I don't want him to do a rollback or pivot and race off.

I'd rather he be a little pokey and walk around, then stop and wait for me to tell him what to do next.

Calm is good.

Sherlock's Third Longeing Lesson - trots and begins to relax


When I ask him to trot off, although his head is still a bit high, he is starting to relax and reach out with his legs rather than snap his knees and hocks up.

Unless you have a gaited horse, you don't want a lot of knee and hock flexion - your goal should be longer, lower strides - ground covering.

Sherlock's Third Longeing Lesson - a more engaged canter.

Using His Back

And when I ask for a canter, you can see his form has changed into a much more engaged canter with his hind legs reaching well under his body - HE IS STARTING TO ROUND HIS NECK AND BACK!!

Sherlock's Third Longeing Lesson - he should stop straight against the rail.

Standing Straight

Now when I ask him to stop, I expect him to stop straight along the rail.

After he has stopped and stood with poise for 5-10 seconds, I can ask him to walk on straight ahead or turn.

This is another good stage.

Sherlock is growing up.


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