Sherlock's 3rd Longeing Lesson

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101 Longeing and
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101 Longeing and Long Lining Exeercises
Longeing and Long Lining the Western Horse
- continued
Held in an open round pen with horses nearby in pastures, grazing, racing around.
Entire lesson was 30 minutes.


I carried the surcingle and bridle out to the round pen so that I could tack Sherlock up after he was warmed up.


All of the head handling lessons have paid off.


This is his first bridling and I felt like I was bridling an old pro.


I took my time, he was relaxed, all went well.

Tacked Up: Walk

When I send him out at the walk, I keep things very low key so he can gradually get used to the girth pressure from the surcingle.


He starts out with a low head which means he is a bit tired but also very relaxed with his new tack.

Tacked Up: Trot 1

When I push him up to a trot, he remains relaxed, in fact, a bit too relaxed as his hindquarters are very inactive with no reach so this causes his back to hollow somewhat.

This is more like a lazy jog which has its advantages too - calm!

Tacked Up: Trot 2

When I push him on a little, he starts reaching with his legs more which results in a more balanced horse.

His head has lowered just a little and his back has rounded just a bit.

Tacked Up: Trot 3

When I tell him "eeeeasy", he reduces the energy of his trot, lowers his head and really uses his head and neck as a reaching forward balancing arm.

Tacked Up: Canter

Because the work has been so calm and relaxed, when I ask for a canter, my heart sings.

This calm, balanced canter is a good sign.

The End

When I stop Sherlock, he senses that I am pleased.

He turns as if to say "Did I do good?"

Yes, Good Boy!


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