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Zuni Fetishes and Carvings

A note from Cherry Hill

Collecting Fetishes Can be Habit Forming !!

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Zuni horse fetish carvingWhen Paula suggested we add Native American hand carved stone animals to our website, I immediately fell in love with the horses and picked out one to represent each horse we have here at Long Tail Ranch.

Then once I had the herd established, I couldn't resist adding a few every so often that were just too cute or powerful - just irresistible.

I've used specially selected fetishes to commemorate my dear horses that have left this earth but are still alive in my heart - looking at a hand carved tiny statue or carrying one in a pocket or pouch is healing.


Horse carvings on computerI've also secreted a few away and put them on top of Richard's computer to see when he would spot them...but soon we started running out of room so I curbed myself.....but it was only a half halt...



Rabbit carvings on computer


Because then, a friend gave me a wonderful rabbit fetish knowing we live on Rabbit Creek...


Rabbit carvings on computerand look what THAT has turned into.



So as I type this WARNING to you, I also have to add, that the WARNING is in jest because every day when I sit down to answer an Ask Cherry, work on a book, or an article for our website, I see these cute little pals cheering me along.

I love the diverse visions that each Zuni and Navajo artist has for various animal shapes and also the variety of stones they choose to carve them from and adorn them with.

Hooked on Native American animal carvings !


Zuni, Navajo
Animal Carvings
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1 - Old and New

2 - How Fetishes are Made

3 - Animal Powers

4 - Uses

5 - Types of Fetishes 

6 - Six Directions

7 - Care and Feeding

8- Habit Forming


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  2008 Cherry Hill   Copyright Information