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Zuni Fetishes and Carvings


Today people buy fetishes for various reasons.

Fetishes represent a way in which Native peoples use a symbolic piece of artwork to help them with life. Non-native American Zuni Double Bear Fetishpeople have long looked to the ways of Native Americans for inspiration, wisdom and healing. Fetishes traditionally have been used to help Native peoples with hunting, farming, fertility, disease cures, and to keep away evil.

Fetishes can be used to help one focus, meditate or to deal with grief and commemorate the loss of a loved one or being.

Fetishes are beautiful and are simply nice to look.

Fetishes are collectible and if of high quality, an investment.

Zuni, Navajo
Animal Carvings
For Sale

1 - Old and New

2 - How Fetishes are Made

3 - Animal Powers

4 - Uses

5 - Types of Fetishes 

6 - Six Directions

7 - Care and Feeding

8 - Habit Forming

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