Authentic Native American Indian Animal Fetish Carvings

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  Fetish Carvings  
Native American Fetish Carving Horses
Native American Bear Fetish Carving
Native American Maiden Fetish Carving
Native American Buffalo Fetish Carving
Native American Six Directions Fetish Carving
Native American Animal Wolf  Lion Badger Carving
Native American Lizard Fetish Carving
Native American Bird Fetish Carving
Native American Rabbit Bugs Beaver Fetish Carving

What is a Fetish?

Native American Jewelry and Fetish Carving BooksA fetish is a rock carving of an animal that captures the spirit and the essence of the animal, not necessarily its exact detailed conformation. Although carved from many types of rock, fishrock is traditional. Read more about fetishes.

Many fetishes have a medicine bundle or adornment tied on the back of the horse that often consists of coral seed beads, shell heishi, feathers and other stone pieces. The style and detail of carving varies among artists but usually includes detail on the face, ears, tail and mane. Often the eyes and other spots of adornment on the horse are inset pieces of contrasting stones such as turquoise, coral and others. Read more about stones.

Horse Fetish and Necklace made by Native American Indians
Fetish Necklaces
Buckskin medicine bag with Native American animal fetish gemstone and sage
Personal Power Bags
with fetish, stone, sage
Hand made Native American Indian Horse Spirit Animal
Animal Spirit Fetishes

Native American Jewelry Blog tips and iinformation

Native American Hopi kachina dolls
Miniature Kachinas
Native American Jewelry and Fetish Carving Books
Zuni Fetish Books


"I ADORE all the fetishes. I knew I would, but one can not appreciate them until you have them in your hand. It is hard to explain the calm and peaceful feeling I have when holding them." KS
"I wanted to let you know that I received the Zuni Amber Wolf and Running Horse this morning. What incredible craftsmanship! I am so very pleased with the quality of work. Thank you very much. I will be in touch in the next couple of weeks with another order. Thank you again." Curtis
"I picked my box up on Tuesday. The fetishes are astounding!! Pudge is absolutely breathtaking!! He is even better than I was expecting. I fall more and more in love with fetishes whenever more come to live with me. How special they are. THANK YOU!!!" - KS
"I just wanted to let you know that I received the Two Bear Fetish. I and am absolutely thrilled! It is gorgeous. It is my gift to my friends 35th Wedding Anniversary. (Coral) Thank you so much! " - MLM
"Blueberry is sooo tiny, but so well done. Utterly and absolutely adorable!! " - Nancy
"All the fetishes are beautiful and as individual as ever. The rabbits are incredibly adorable and I cannot wait to get more. The horses are going to keep me coming back again and again. I really appreciate each artist's individual skill and differences in the rendering of the horse. I was completely taken with them all in an instant and if I doubted before, I do not now, that I am a diehard enthusiast. Even though the web site photos are fantastic and accurate, the fetishes are so much better in hand. They make me SMILE!!" - NL
"I received the fetish and medicine bag today. I am so pleased with my purchases! The horse fetish is absolutely exquisite! It’s even better than I expected. Thank you for everything, Paula." - Lisa

I just can't describe how I feel about "Tradition". What a gentle and wise spirit he has. The weanling is darling and I love the colors." ' NL

´¨Oh the fetishes...... They are incredible and so very captivating. They capture you with their "spirit". The Russell Shack horse is amazing!! What presence!! The little pink pony is too cute. He will be going with me everywhere, from riding to going into town, and everywhere in between. The patterns of color in him are very pretty." NL

"I knew what fetishes were and had seen a few before, but was not expecting how utterly charming they are. They have their own little personalities. They will be getting some friends in the future." - Nancy

"I received the Mended Heart Horse Fetish today and it is really beautiful; better than I even imagined. Thank you so much for your prompt delivery of this lovely item." - L

"Hi Paula, I received the horse fetish today. It is absolutely beautiful !" - Laura

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