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Personal Power Bags

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Personal Power Bags are ideal for wearing under or over a shirt to carry your favorite animal fetish, herb, stone or other special items. These bags are Made in the USA from USA deerskin. The bags are not Native American made but the fetishes are hand carved by Zuni and Navajo artists.

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Native American Indian Buckskin Medicine Bag

Deer Simple

Medicine bag with Lakota quill medicine wheel gemstones and sage

Medicine Wheel

Native American Indian Buckskin Medicine Bag
Large Fringed

Native American Indian Buckskin Medicine Bag

Horse Power


- You might think that a medicine bag should only be carried by a Native American Medicine Man or Healer. That was one type of medicine bag - quite large as it would contain many herbs and articles, sometimes as many as fifty items. But there is a personal type of Medicine Bag carried by . . . READ ABOUT MEDICINE BAGS

- Some of the medicine bags we sell on our site come with free Gemstones and Sage. The gemstones have been tumbled to reveal their beauty but are left in a natural shape. Some stones that we might include are shown here.

- Read about Stones and Shells used in Native American Jewelry and Artifacts

- Smudging, the "Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing", is a powerful Native American cleansing technique. It is a ritual to remove negativity. Smoke attaches itself to the negative energy and removes it to another space . . . READ ABOUT SMUDGING

- Various animals and figures are used for particular purposes as they represent certain powers . . . READ MORE

- What is the best way to store or display fetishes? I want to enjoy them but also want to protect them and keep them from getting damaged or dusty. - The traditional way of housing a Zuni fetish carving is . . . READ MORE


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