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Wilson Tsotsie - Vintage NOS Navajo
Repousse Pin
Hat Pin, Tie Tack, Lapel Pin

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Navajo sterling silver Repousse  pin

Navajo Repousse  pin

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Repousse Pin
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Paula says - "This repousse pin can be worn as a tie tack, hat pin, lapel pin or wherever you like! It is NOS (new old stock) that was made in the 1970s but was never used - brand new vintage!"

Sterling silver front, nickel silver post and clip, Read about silver
Turquoise, Read about stones
1" diameter
Hallmark WT Sterling
Wilson Tsosie, Navajo
(Active since the 1940s, this was the first hallmark he used.)
Vintage, NOS, excellent, never used

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About Native American authenticity.

What is repousse?

A method of embossing metal by stamping and hammering a design from the back to produce a three-dimensional bas-relief surface on the front.

White Buffalo Navajo Pawn Collection White Buffalo Collection

We recently purchased a large collection of vintage but unused Native American artifacts including jewelry, rugs and pottery. It was part of the estate of a Navajo woman who was a missionary that worked with Native Americans in Four Corners - the area of the American southwest where four states meet- New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado. As a single parent, she raised 5 daughters and a son while also providing food, shelter, and clothing to less fortunate people that needed assistance. Often she was thanked for her help by gifts of Native American items.

Most of the items in this collection are from the 1970s to the 1990s. We offer these items to you with great respect and with the information we received from the family plus our research.

We named the collection after one of the pieces in the group, a hand carved Navajo fetish necklace honoring the Sacred White Buffalo.

Cherry Hill HorsekeepingBUFFALO MEDICINE - The appearance of White Buffalo is a sign that prayers are being heard, that the sacred pipe and Spirit are being honored. White Buffalo signals a time of abundance, prosperity and thankfulness. Buffalo was the major source of sustenance for indigenous cultures of the plains, giving meat for food, hides for shelter and clothing, and Spirit Medicine. The Medicine of Buffalo is prayer, gratitude and praise for that which has been received. Buffalo Medicine is also knowing that abundance is present when all relations are honored as sacred, and when gratitude is expressed to every living part of creation, recognizing the sacredness of every walk of life.

Horsekeeping LLC - Definitions of Jewelry Age and Condition
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A dark or colored film of oxidation that forms naturally on metal by exposure to air and other elements. It is often valued for its aesthetically pleasing appearance. All items in our Vintage Shop have some patina, even NOS.
30 years or older.
New Old Stock. Made at least 20 years ago but never used.
An item that has been used.

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