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Horseware Ireland Cooler size 81

(Horse, halter, and lead rope not included.)

Horseware Ireland Cooler size 81

Please read the descriptions carefully.

Tack and attire are not returnable unless we have made a mistake in the listing. If that is the case, contact us and we will tell you how to proceed.

Horseware Ireland Cooler Sheet

$50 $40 plus s/h

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Paula says - "Close-up photos of the binding, hardware, tail loops etc. are provided so you can see the new condition of this cooler that has been used for a photo shoot. It may have a few horse hairs on it, per photos."

  • Size 81
  • Fitted sheet style but without surcingles.
  • Cotton Polyester Cooler Sheet
  • Used once for photo shoot

Horseware Ireland Cooler size 81


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What is a stable blanket?
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A winter stable blanket (often with hood) resembles a winter turnout blanket and in many ways they are the same, but there are some significant differences that you should be aware of so that you purchase the correct blanket for your horse's situation.

A turnout blanket should be made of 100% waterproof breathable materials and construction, so that if a horse is standing out in a downpour or a snowstorm, the weather can't get through the blanket - the horse remains dry. In addition, the material and constructions must be durable to withstand the rubbing and rolling of a horse turned out in a pen, paddock or pasture.

A stable blanket should have similar durability, since horses in the shelter of a stall or a covered pen will still roll and rub. And it should be breathable, so that as a horse respires body heat and moisture can be released. But a stable blanket does not have to be 100% waterproof since a stabled horse is not out in the weather. With that said, stable blankets are made from the same treated Cordura materials that some turnout blankets are made from, so if a stabled horse is turned out for the day and he rolls on wet ground, the moisture will not go through the blanket. Similarly if a horse lays down in a wet stall, the moisture will not go through. Even if a horse is turned out for the day in a pen and there is light rain or snow, he will likely stay perfectly dry. One reason stable blankets are not 100% waterproof is because the seams are not taped, and this also allows stable blankets to breath.

So if your horse generally lives in a stall or covered pen, and has limited turnout, a stable blanket should work fine for him. If he lives outdoors, then you should purchase a turnout blanket.

Stable Blanket Selection and Care

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