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Hand made Native American Indian Zuni Horse Fetish

Paula's Passions
Native American Jewelry and Artifacts

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Hand made Native American Indian Zuni Bear Fetish
Welcome to my Page
Tips and News from Paula, Manager,
Volume 3, April 26, 2010

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Native American Jewelry Blog tips and iinformationHello and welcome to another issue of Paula's Passions, a place where I share tips and information about the wonderful Native American items at

You can also find lots more information and tips on Native American Jewelry, Dooney & Bourke bags (the old classic models) and other stuff that interests me by going to my blog. Subscribe to get regular updates by email!

Medicine Bag Gemstones

amethyst gemstoneSome of the medicine bags available on our site come with beautiful gemstones that have been tumbled to clean up a stone's surface and reveal its natural beauty, like the amethyst shown at right. We usually include 4 different stones. Some of you have written me asking which stones I enclosed in your package. That got me to thinking that I should put together a page that identifies the most common gemstones we have. Click here to go to the Medicine Bag Gemstone page.

Some of the gemstones are described in more detail on our stones information pages.

The Mineral Kingdom

When using a medicine bag, it is traditional to carry an item from each of the 3 Kingdoms and the World of Man. The three Kingdoms are the Plant, Animal, and Mineral. That's why many people include a favorite gemstone in their pouch of special items. Read more . . .

The Latest and Greatest
Paula's favorite things

Plains Horse ScarfPlains Horse Scarf

As an avid outdoor girl, I'm always aware of protecting my skin from too much sun. One of the places that gets too much sun is the décolleté. Originally that French word meant a plunging neckline in a garment but is also used to describe the skin of our neck and upper chest area which is often exposed when we wear a V-neck or open neck shirt. The skin of the décolleté is very delicate and is more easily sun damaged than the skin on arms, for example. It's a good idea to cover that area when outdoors so a scarf, which can easily be removed when coming inddors, is the perfect solution.

Plains Horse Scarf

Paula the Tipster !

Hand made Native American Indian Jewelry; Navajo Sterling Silver horse pin pendantDid you know your favorite pin might be able to be worn as a pendant?

If the pin is set vertically on the back, it is quite possible that the pin will hang well as a pendant. Because I've done this with some of my favorite pins, whenever I list a pin, I mention whether it has a vertical pin on the back or not. That way you can get double the pleasure from your favorite jewelry.

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Medicine Bags


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