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Hand made Native American Indian Zuni Horse Fetish

Paula's Passions
Native American Jewelry and Artifacts

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Hand made Native American Indian Zuni Bear Fetish
Welcome to my Page
Tips and News from Paula, Manager,
Volume 5, May 16, 2010

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Cherry Hill HorsekeepingHello and welcome to another issue of Paula's Passions, a place where I share tips and information about the wonderful Native American items at

You can also find lots more information and tips on Native American Jewelry, Dooney & Bourke bags (the old classic models) and other stuff that interests me by going to my blog. Subscribe to get regular updates by email!

Cuff Bracelet Fit 301

Hand made Native American Indian Jewelry; Navajo Sterling Silver feather braceletA cuff bracelet is a bracelet that is rigid, has no clasp, but has a gap, an open portion that allows you slip the bracelet over your wrist.

We've already put together an article with tips and guidelines about choosing the proper sized cuff bracelet. Now I want to add some personal observations and put my own wrists up as a case study.

Wrist Variations - Right and Left --- Winter and Summer

I briefly mentioned my wrist size in the main article. More specifically, my right wrist, which is where I usually wear a cuff bracelet, measures about 6 7/8". My left wrist, where I wear a Native American watch, is about 6 ¾", about 1/8" smaller. I suspect my right wrist is larger because... Read more...


Baby/Child - Fits up to a 4 1/4" wrist
Youth/Teen - Fits a 4 3/8" to a 5 1/4 wrist
Small - Fits a 5 3/8" wrist to 6 1/4" wrist
Medium - Fits from a 6 3/8" to a 7 1/4" wrist
Large - Fits from a 7 3/8" to an 8" wrist
Extra Large - Fits over 8" wrist

How to Choose and Fit a Cuff Bracelet


The Latest and Greatest
Paula's favorite things

Turquoise Heishi Choker - a Summer Must

I found the greatest turquoise heishi chokers on one of our recent trips and want to make sure you know about them. They are made of beautiful blue turquoise and sterling silver beads and clasps. The clasps are very secure. These are the best turquoise chokers I've ever found and at a surprisingly reasonable price!


Dooney and Bourke cavalry body bag


Read More About Heishi and
How it is Made

Paula the Tipster !

Guard Bracelets

Hand made Native American Indian Jewelry; Navajo Sterling Silver feather braceletGuard Bracelets are thin, usually simply designed, sterling silver bracelets that are worn on either side of a more precious bracelet such as an inlay or a bracelet with an exposed stone. Guard bracelets are meant to act as a barrier and design accent to the main bracelet. Shown here are some examples of guard bracelets.

Hand made Native American Indian Jewelry; Navajo Sterling Silver feather bracelet

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