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    HK Item #FT285
"Sacred Stone"
Alan Monroe, Lakota
- Bison Fetish Carving

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"Sacred Stone"
Alan Monroe - Lakota
Pipestone Bison Fetish Carving

#FT285 - $30 plus s/h

Pipestone (catlinite)
Read about stones
2 " approximately
1 1/4" approximately
5/8" approximately
Alan Monroe, Lakota

Paula says - "This unique bison design was created by Alan Monroe, one of our favorite artists. But is it buffalo or bison?

"We have several of these bison so the one you will receive might vary slightly from those shown here.

"A Certificate of Authenticity is available upon request. Put a note in the note box of the form when you place your order."

A - solid red  
B - two tone  
C - two tone  
D - light power spots  
E - dark power spots  
F - dark battle scars  
G - light battle scars  

Native American Lakota Pipestone Bison Fetish Carving

Native American Lakota Pipestone Bison Fetish Carving

Dime above show scale of bison.

Native American Lakota Pipestone Bison Fetish Carving

Native American Lakota Pipestone Bison Fetish Carving

Buffalo or Bison?

The majestic animals that roamed the US plains by the millions were American bison or Plains bison. There are also similar bison that free range in Poland and other European countries. Bison have large humps at their shoulders, massive heads, beards and thick winter coats that they shed in the spring.

Bison are often erroneously called buffalo. In 1913 the Buffalo nickel (AKA Indian Head nickel) was struck. The coin's designer, James Earle Fraser, said he wanted to use a symbol of the American west and felt that "a North American Indian and a buffalo fitted into the picture perfectly." Technically, it should be called the bison nickel.

Buffalo live in South Asia (Water Buffalo) or Africa (Cape Buffalo). Buffalo have smooth, thin hair coats, no hump, no beard and have smaller heads but larger horns than a bison.

What is a Fetish?

A fetish is a rock carving of an animal that captures the spirit and the essence of the animal, not necessarily its exact detailed conformation. Although carved from many types of rock, fishrock is traditional. Read more about fetishes.


Bison was the major source of sustenance for Indigenous cultures of the plains, giving meat for food, hides for shelter and clothing, and Spirit Medicine. The Medicine of Bison is prayer, gratitude and praise for that which has been received. Bison Medicine is also knowing that abundance is present when all relations are honored as sacred, and when gratitude is expressed to every living part of creation, recognizing the sacredness of every walk of life. The appearance of Bison is a sign that prayers are being heard, that the sacred pipe and Spirit are being honored.


Pipestone, also known as catlinite, is a form of clay called argillite with a high iron content that colors it a deep red to pale orange. Pipestone was discovered in southwestern Minnesota by the Sioux Indians, who consider it a sacred material and use it to carve pipes and other ceremonial objects. It is easy to carve because of its lack of quartz. Read about stones

Alan Monroe - Lakota

Alan Monroe was born in Hot Springs , South Dakota and is an enrolled member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe. He graduated from Hot Springs High School and studied business and art in Nebraska, Tennessee, and South Dakota. Alan creates his Northern Plains artwork from hides, stone, leather, and wood. He learned the basics of quill working, weaponry, sculpting and pipe making from traditional and contemporary artisans in his family circle. He is a fifth generation master pipe maker. In his sculptures, Monroe works with a variety of materials such as pipestone, bone, wood and alabaster. He creates small objects like fetishes to large pieces than can weigh hundreds of pounds. Monroe's work can be seen in many galleries and museums across the country and he has won many awards.
About Lakota Sioux

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