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Native American Jewelry Blog tips and iinformation
    Paula's Vintage Dooney & Bourke Blog

Native American Jewelry Blog tips and iinformation

from Our Customers and Readers
" I received the beautiful bear claw pendant today and it was even more beautiful than depicted In the photos. I'm so glad I chose to purchase this beauty from your site. Authentic work and excellent customer service! Cheers and best wishes in 2017!" - Dawn

"I love this cross it's amazing it's beautiful it's heavy weight it's just what I wanted." - GS
"Wanted to let you know we received the [baby] bracelets today and love them! Thank you so much!!! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!" - Debi
"The bracelet is even better in hand than in the pics!!! Have worn it nearly non stop since I opened the box The cross pendant on braided leather hangs very nicely! Extender is perfect too. Thanks so much!! It is always a pleasure doing business with Paula/Horsekeeping!!! Merry Christmas." - Michelle
"Received the Pipestone pick and it's gorgeous!" - CH
"I just wanted to thank you for my order. The watch fits perfectly, is comfortable,and runs great." - S. O.
"I received my package today. I am very pleased, the horseshoe is going to make a great gift for someone special. I will pass your site on to others. Happy Holidays." - Dawn
"Received [sterling silver rosary] quickly and in good order. Opened it just to take a look... It is gorgeous!! My mother was absolutely ecstatic and loves it!! Thank you so much!! - Paul
"Just wanted to let you know I did get the cards and ghost beads necklace on time and they are both fine, thank you! Everything looks beautiful, thank you! Merry Christmas." - Diane
"Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I have received the bracelet I ordered from you. The delivery was very prompt, and the bracelet is beautiful! Thank you again for your prompt delivery." - R. F.
"Received [copper] bracelet today, absolutely beautiful, thank you" - CP
"I will be back, the mini kachinas are very nice and I appreciate quality work, especially in small scale." - Dave
"I love everything on your website, and I appreciate the excellence service. You got it figured our even before I noticed I had a problem. Now that’s SERVICE and QUALITY! Thanks again." - Pat.
"I just received the wonderful green and tan Surrey bag from you, plus the fabulous duck coin purse. I was a little worried because the mail delivery person brought me your box that someone had spilled something slimy all over; it was sopping. Fortunately whoever packed my bag had done so with this contingent in mind! The Dooneys were completely protected, thereby preserving their absolute PRISTINE condition! It was just like getting brand new Dooneys, only 30 years better. Thank you so much for preserving the heritage of this once great company by the work you do. I ADORE my new bags!" - Cynthia
"The package has arrived and the knife is quite beautiful." - Gail
"I received my order [Zuni inlay thunderbird pendant] and love the jewelry. Thank you so much!" - Barbara
"The earrings are just as pictured. I bought them for a gift for my daughter - she lost a similar pair that were my grandmother's." - Ann
"Just a short note to inform you William received his [Bear claw watch cuff] watch and couldn't be happier. Thank you for making my Retired Marine happy again after loosing his original watch." - E.H.
"I just wanted to let you know that I received the Vintage NOS Sterling Silver Inlay Turquoise Pendant P362 and love it! So much so in fact that I just placed an order for the Vintage NOS Sterling Silver and Turquoise Wedding Band PR744. The ring almost looks like a companion piece to the necklace, not that I'm trying to match or make a set, but they are both from your White Buffalo Collection. I fear that stalking your site for new items may be a new addiction!" - Holly
"I received my Heishi necklace and it is beautiful. Thank You so much for the fast delivery. VERY PLEASED!!!!!" - Sheila
"i discovered your site by way of pinterest, where many people pin their favorite items?just thought you’d like to know?" - mary
"thanks so much for the beautiful spiny oyster necklace?.i love it !! it really reminds me of my visits to new mexico and the santo dooming reservation?quite unusual to find a piece like this ?" - mm
"Received necklace today! Beautiful! I love unique and distinctive jewelry plan on coming back! - Beth
"Our order arrived in good shape, and in good time for my husband’s birthday." - Christine
"I have received the order in good condition. I think the items will be nice gifts. Thank you." - V F
"Package safety arrived! Love the double horses and thank you for the magnet! On the refrigerator!" - Connie
"I received my order and it is all I anticipated. Both the Medicine Bag and Smudge Kit are Christmas gifts. I am so excited and HOPE I can hold out till Christmas to give them ?? I will keep the nice big sage for my self. Again, many thank you's much peace." - carol
"Today I received my beautiful turquoise bracelet and I just love it! The color of the stones is so gorgeous! Again, thank you and take care. It was a pleasure doing business with you! " - K
"I received it [jewelry and fetishes] and I appreciate you sending it in the small box, and all the information on your website." - Kathy
"I received my order of the sheep fetish. I love it! Thank you." - Marilyn .
"She’s here and I love my “Old woman in grey”!"- Nancy
" Received my [copper feather] bracelet - love it -Thanks." - Deb
"I received the doll and she arrived in perfect condition. She is beautiful! Thank you so much." - Judy
"I received my beautiful Dooney drawstring bag today. It's exactly as pictured & in impeccable condition! The vintage ones truly reflect the craftsmanship & durability of this brand. Thrilled I found it on your site!" - EB
"I just love my purchases from this store, thanks so much." - Wanda
"I recently purchased a lot of earrings from the site and I don't know how to leave a message saying how much I like them.The sets I got are all silver and turquoise or just turquoise. One was missing a turquoise stone.I was able to drop a turquoise-colored glass bead in there and it matches perfectly. I can barely tell which one it is I replaced. Of course, if I ever,not likely, but if I should pass them along I will ask for the "bead" to be pointed out and if it can't be I will disclose which one it is.Thanks for offering such awesome jewelry at very affordable prices." - AN
"I LOVE my dreamcatcher! How beautiful!!" - NB
"I received my necklace in perfect condition. It felt a little ' Light ' when I picked it up; for the price, I love it and it is a BEAUTIFUL necklace." - Lori
"Thank for your prompt service. I'm going to enjoy my birthday present." - D S
"I received the Heshi Necklace this afternoon and it is beautiful.Thank you." - Beth
"Received necklace today. Appears to be in perfect shape. Its a lovely piece for sure. Thank you again. You seem to have top notch merchandise." - G.V.
"Just wanted to let you know I received my package tonight, and it arrived in good order, and the ghost bead necklaces are gorgeous! I know my friends will love them (more birthdays!). Thank you so much, and take care." - Diane
"I received my dry creek ring and it fits perfect. I'm so pleased with it as it matches a cuff I purchased from my travels in Arizona. Love it Love it." - Joy
"The package arrived safely, the collar will be perfect for a pendant I have that just didn’t look right on a chain. Thank you for all the information you post on the site, I enjoy reading it." - JK
"Thank you! Books arrived yesterday - have already read one! This is so funny - I was on line looking up a particular book to get an idea of prices and stumbled across your your site. I had a ball. So instead of selling a book I bought 4 and have 8 freebies. :) Again thanks." - Judy
"A handsome badger arrived at my home today. Thank you very much!" - Jaimie
"I got my package Saturday. I am very pleased with everything! Thank you so much!!!" - Trish
"I placed two separate orders recently, have received them via USPS and just have to tell you how pleased I am with both the products and the great service! Keep up the good work, you will be hearing from me again in the near future. Love your site!!" - Kathlyn
"I was pleased to receive the vintage onyx concha belt yesterday. It is even nicer than I thought it would be." - Robert
"Confirming receipt of two silver ear cuffs. They're beautiful!" - R.F.
"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you [buying jewelry]. Everything has been concise, up-front and well-defined. As I mentioned earlier, I admire your expertise, as well as your ethics in maintaining such a fine reputation. I highly recommend you personally, as well as your business, to anyone who might inquire." - Dave
"Thank you for your promptness. I was hesitant about ordering the silver beads without the chance to try them on first. I am so glad I took your advice because they are "gorgeous and the perfect length" plus elegant and will go with anything I wear." - Phyllis
" I received both of my fetish necklaces today, and absolutely adore both. I am so appreciative of the work of Neil Thomas and Corrine Ramirez, and of your awesome service! Very happy I made these purchases." - SB
"The Bear has arrived. Excellent service. I have ‘window shopped' your site in the past looking for a belt buckle - very impressive quality." - Martin
"I have just received my package with my choker inside. It is absolutely stunning and I am thrilled with it. Thank you so much for the quick and easy transaction; I will absolutely be ordering again." - Stephanie
"i think the information you provide for collectors especially is so valuable..i have learned more than i previously knew about my thank you. This is also what makes your site and business unique and so much better than other sites,offering Native American jewelry etc...there really is no comparison." - Bettina
"i just received my [Royston Turquoise Cuff] bracelet...i am over the moon! It is gorgeous and it fits perfectly!!! Also,so pleased at how fast it arrived. You guys are awesome! I will be purchasing additional pieces in the near future. Thank you. You are a pleasure to do business with." - B.R.
"everything [ghost beads] was received yesterday via USPS 2 day mailer in perfect condition. Thanks for the speedy shipment and quality necklace. Will order from you guys again!" - Phillip
"I have received the parcel today, I am very pleased to own one of her rings [Zuni coral needlepoint ring from Shirley Quam]. Her work is awesome and the size is really comfortable. Many thanks for the smooth transaction and shipping." - SL
"I would like to say, thank you for everything [buying jewelry] & it was a pleasure doing business w/you. I had looked at doing business w/a couple of other places, but was glad when I found your website. Not only have you guys been in business for a number of years, your track record w/clients shows to be positive in all notes. I found my experience to be everything you said and more. You guys, have put a great deal of time & effort into making your website, user friendly & self explanatory, not only for the buyer, but for the seller & your process. You were diligent, professional & friendly. We remained in contact & you were available anytime throughout each of our transactions. I believe you to be fair & with each transaction, attentiveness to payment was prompt. Thank you again!" - D
"My order (inlaid turquoise ring) arrived today in excellent condition. It's beautiful and I am delighted. Thanks for the prompt service!" - Reb
"My order [Carson Blackgoat Navajo Sterling Silver Feather Barrette] arrived in fine shape yesterday. It is beautiful!" - Gretchen
" Order has arrived [2 rainbow calsilica bear fetishes]. Love it, it's just as shown." - Becky
"I received my package tonight, and everything is in good order, thank you! And thank you for your speedy service: I ordered Sunday, you mailed it Monday, and I got it Wednesday! Outstanding. Well in time for birthday plans. I love the ghost bead necklaces, they are both so beautiful!" - Diane
"This is my first order from you!! Thank you so much for a ridiculously fabulous [silver bead] bracelet!!! Your service and quality are both exceptional!!" - EW
"I got the package today. I love the [vintage] bracelet. It fits me like a glove & it is so much nicer than it looked online. The inlay is so smooth & well done. AND the thing is it compliments my L. Parker Hoof cuff. The omega necklace is well made." - L. M.
"I received my [turquoise heishi] necklace in the mail yesterday. It is absolutely beautiful. The packaging was outstanding. I will be checking in periodically to shop for more of your wonderful jewelry." - Deb
"received bear claw watch cuff today looks great fits well thank you" - RH
"I received my package of 2 beautiful dream catchers. They are better than I could have imagined. Thank you so much!!" - K.H.
"I had occasion over the last two weeks or so to work with Paula, the manager at in regard to selling some jewelry. She was so easy to work with, answered all of my questions in a timely manner, and really helped educate me as to what I needed to do to sell my jewelry. I was dreading selling this jewelry, because I thought there would be a lot of time involved, and I am pretty busy. This was basically the easiest task I accomplished all month. I would highly recommend if you are looking to sell jewelry. They are very honest and forthright and I would love to do business with them again." - Michael
"Thank you! The medicine bag was exactly what I expected from your website." - AN
" I am please with my purchase and love the NA artist skill and artisanship." - Aka
" Just wanted to say thank you for the two [ghost bead] necklaces you sent me. I received them and am wearing one now." - Patrick
"Thank you for the super quick shipment of this lovely [vintage] necklace." - Sara
"Just FYI that my package [Dooney bag] arrived and the bag is beautiful." - TS
"The concha belt arrived, and it's beautiful! And I'm glad to report that I found a craftsman who will make a new strap for it. I know I'll enjoy it for many years." - Jan
"Received item [pipe pick] a day before scheduled delivery date, thank you for the excellent quality item." - James
" Package just arrived [Elaine Sam bear claw buckle]. SPECTACULAR! Image online were very good, but piece is even better than expected. My collection (Elaine Sam) is now complete, thanks to y'all. I understand now why you "cherry pick" from your artists, as I've seen many of this exact piece, but this one is a standout. No question. I'll definitely be doing more business will y'all and thank you for helping me acquire this beauty!: - JA
"The package arrived today and I love both necklaces! The repair looks perfect on the one with the broken bead. I'm very happy with both pieces. I'll look forward to shopping with you in the future." - Sandra
"The silver feather earrings designed by Ben Begaye are beautiful! Exactly the size and design that I wanted." - Ruth Harteneck
"I so admire this artist, and feel y'all have the absolute BEST site that is everything Native American. I've read all the extra details on your site and love it. Whoever did your website did a really good job. Frankly, I think your store could be addiction, lol. Wonderful things and fair prices." - John
"I am writing to let you know that I received my earrings today and I love them!!" - Gretchen
" Thank you so much for getting my order to me so quickly. I ordered two books intermediate and advanced English exercises by Cherry Hill and I just received them today. I look forward to reading them." - H. S.
"I received and adore my Michelle Jameson necklace and necklace extender! " - Valerie
"Just an FYI we received the bear claw [pendant] today and it's perfect. Exactly what I wanted. My husband loves it and he's wearing it now. Said it was nicer than the old one he had. Very Nice!!!" - Chris, A Very Happy Customer.
"My order arrived safely and I just wanted to thank you. The beaded barrettes are beautiful and perfect in every way. I love the fox/horse notecard. I'm so grateful to have found your shop since it's impossible to find these items now in the Los Angeles area. Thank you!!" - Mary
"Just wanted to say I've been and picked up my horse whisperer bracelet from my local postal sorting office this morning and am delighted with it. thank you once again,it was well worth the wait. Love it." - Ashley
"Great doing business with you [Do We Buy Jewelry?]." - ND
"We agree to your offer. [Do We Buy Jewelry?] Thank you for everything." - SR
"When I saw the bear claw ring on your website I knew I had to have it . . . I’m very happy with it. Thank you! I love the turtle fetish piece also." - Katy
"Just received heishe through the mail. Appears to be in perfect shape. Thank you for wrapping it so well. VERY pleased with it. Hope to order more from you. This was a very pleasant experience for me." - G V
"I work for a horse rescue charity and I can't begin to explain how much the little fetishes I have purchased from you have helped deal with all the ups and downs." - N
"I wanted to take a moment to drop a line to tell you how please I am with my order. The pendant is stunning and the ring is better than expected. The picture on the site did neither justice. Thanks for the fast shipping and attention to the order. I look forward to further business with you." - T. Leach
"What a great site. The information on the turquoise is the best I've found in one place. Again - love your site and of course your products and your customer service!" - TE
"I received my 3 Personal Power bags today. They are absolutely wonderful!! Thank you for shipping so quickly." - sarah
" I just received your Buffalo Money Clip! It's fantastic! Thank you very much." - Gary
"Oops! I forgot to write you when my bracelet arrived--and that was probably 3 days ago. It is just perfect, exactly what I hoped it would be. I'm so very pleased." - Susan Frazier
"It was a pleasure working with you [Do We Buy Jewelry?] I learned a lot- maybe more than I wanted sometimes- but this was a uniformly great experience. I admire your knowledge and professionalism- it's quite impressive. Thank you for your patience with me." - DR
"Just received my my [feather] order. Was packaged so there was no danger of damage. Wonderful item." - Barb
"My pendant arrived and I am blown away by the brightness of the inlays and the quality in its craftsmanship." - Randy
"Just wanted to let you know that my [smudge] kit arrived today. It's beautiful!" - Alisa
"I received my [silver bead] necklace on Saturday. I LOVE it! Thanks so much." - Ann
" Received the bracelet yesterday. Looks great, fit is perfect, extremely fast shipping. Thanks to all at Horsekeeping." - Matt
"Received my necklace extenders. They are made very well and will serve their purpose perfectly." - Rebecca
"The necklace arrived in yesterday's mail. It's a beautiful piece- a birthday gift for my wife. She will be most pleased indeed. Thank you for the prompt delivery and artful design and skilled craftsmanship." - Laszlo
"Please let Jeffrey Nelson know how much I love his bead necklace. I wore them on my pjs until I went to bed I love them so much. They are my new everyday statement piece. Thank you again for your personal customer service. Still enjoying my Larry Pinto beads too that I ordered some time ago from you. Carol
"My second bead purchase. After searching many sites this one has the best selection from actual artists. I have purchased two extenders as well. Happy with all my purchases and monitor this site frequently to be a return customer. Thank you for great service." - CS
"I received my sling bag today! It’s beautiful! Already broken in and very nice." - Kathryn
"My J. Nelson silver beads came today. Love, love, love them. Thank you. My second bead order from you. Very pleased. And your silver extenders are the best!!!! Thanks again for great service." - . Carol
"I am very pleased with the pipes. The workmanship is extraordinary." - GD
"Just a quick message to say thank you for the "United Kingdom" order. Received the necklaces today.... They are amazing and your service was perfect. Couldn't be happier. :) - Brett
"I received the White Buffalo earrings and they worked perfectly with my other pieces. Love your online store. Thank you." - CJ
"My order [vintage necklaces] has arrived; what beautiful workmanship!" - Greg
"I have received my order. The status of my current feeling's are beyond explainable. The Cross, it is more than who I was, and the book, it is more knowledgable than most. I am very pleased with everything." - W. R.
" bracelets and my pair of earrings arrived today and they are all STUNNING!! The twist bracelet bangles...was pleasantly surprised at how nice and weighty they are!! The lighter weight bangles are perfect as well!! So pleased and will be back to shop again!! Thank you and be well!" - Melissa
"Thank you for the DVDs. I have the book Horse Housing, so it is great seeing Mr. Klimesh and Ms. Hill in the flesh. I know I will learn a lot of practical advice. Again, thanks!" - G.P.
"We followed our package for over two weeks. And at the end we were informed yesterday that the bracelet arrived in Berlin. And today we were able to clear it from the German customs. A great time: it´s so beautiful and it fits like a glove !! Thank you very much and have a good time." Gunnar & Uschi, Germany
"I just wanted to let you know that I opened my package this morning that arrived yesterday and the [fetish] necklace is even MORE beautiful than I had pictured from the photos online. I absolutely adore it! Thank you so much. I look forward to checking your website occasionally for other treasures." - Jennifer
"Please pass on my compliments to the maker of this beautifull medicine pouch. I feel it has healing power." - G. J.
"I received the payment for the jewelry today in the amount agreed in the email. It was a pleasure doiing business with you. I was confident during the whole transaction even though it was long distance and neither of us knew one another. I was reluctant to let go of the turquoise and silver pieces mother loved for so many years but best to keep them in circulation." - B.H.
"Got the [sterling silver bead] necklace. It's beautiful! - The beads are beautiful! You have a lovely selection and the prices are fair. I'll be back!" - Betty
"I love my painted spirit horse. It is a wonderful creation and so reasonable." - C. L.
"I would like to thank you for all your help and understanding. I cannot not say enough about how wonderful the [classic twist] bracelet fit and looks." - Arlene
"Thanks so much I received the ring and love it!" - Melissa
"I received the pendant today. I love it!" - Judy
"The earrings arrived this morning. They are perfect." - P.C.
" I just wanted to take a minute to thank you. Recently you purchased a silver and turquoise belt buckle and bolo tie set from me. From beginning to end it was a very good experience! The communication was phenomenal, And you took a possibly difficult situation of trying to sell an item that I didn’t have a market for, and simplified it completely! I feel like I was treated very fairly with your offer, and your professionalism and knowledge is superb! I will MOST DEFINITELY conduct business with you again if the opportunity ever presents itself." - C.W.
"I've received my [Authentic Lucky] horseshoes and am very pleased. Thanks very much."- Jeremy
"just received the package. the [vintage] necklace was prettier than pics of it. my wife will love it." - C
"I received my wallet today and WOW! It is exactly as described and I love it! Thanks for the Made in USA vintage Dooneys! Kathryn
"We received our merchandise [NOS Vintage Navajo Sterling Silver and Gold Link Bracelet by Ken and Mary Bill]'s beautiful!! It was a pleasure to do business with you." - Gil
" Barrettes just arrived ...All safe and sound .. Nice workmanship..Will be ordering again in the future ...Thanks." - Joel
"Beautiful [copper] bracelet! Arrived in perfect condition and when expected. Thanks! " - Sandra
"The [twist] bracelet was received and it fits perfectly. It’s beautiful. Thank you for all of your help." - Pam
"Hello. Just letting you know the parcel [heishi] arrived this morning. Love the contents. Thank you so much." - DL, Australia
"We received our Key fob in good condition. It looks great!" - Gil
"I have the [vintage] Benally bracelet (came yesterday). It is lovely. As I hoped, the cabochons are a much deeper blue than suggested in the photos. A perfect match for my wife's vintage squash blossom set." - William
"[Copper] Bracelet arrived in excellent condition. This is a beautiful piece!" - Sandra
"I received the bear paw belt buckle. It is beautiful." - ph
"My order arrived safe and sound, and both fetishes are very nice and in perfect shape!" - Jeff
"I just wanted to let you know I received my bag!! It's beautiful thank you so much!!! "- Ida
"Got it [Sterling Silver Pill Box]! It's beautiful and my husband loves it. Thanks so much." - E.P.
"My Zuni bear is here. I'm very happy. It is very beautiful." - Spain
"Your package arrived to us in great condition today. My wife loves the Concho belt and I believe you represented the product well. Thanks!" - Jeff
"The watch is beautiful. It is MUCH better looking than the photo. We took a while to decide between this watch and another watch from a different provider. Had we known how beautiful this watch is we would not have even considered the other." - CZ
"I have received my [copper bracelet] order this morning It’s exactly like I expected." - Thierry from France
"I have received my silver twist bracelet and am very happy with it!" - S.T.
"It was great working with Paula and Horsekeeping. Honesty and integrity abound!" - RC
"My little Emery Eriacho "Earth Winds" bear arrived and it is GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Thank you so much and have a very merry Christmas!" - DL
"Received today, beautiful watch thank you again, He will love it." - Tami.
"Received my package...Navajo pearl necklace this weekend. She'll love it." - Will
"Got the items [Sterling Silver Turquoise and Spiny Oyster heishi wire earrings] today, very pleased." - SH
"i receive m'y Heishi necklace to day i like it verry much" - Marie
"I have received the parcel and I am very happy with my pipe." - Robert
"i received my silver and turquoise cross today in the post , it was a long wait but worth it , looking forward to doing more business with you." - KEVIN - AUSTRALIA
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   - Medicine bags
   - Sage bags   

Spanish Horse Books,Videos

Tack and Attire
   - Bridles, blankets, pads, reins, boots, bits, cinches

Videos, DVDs, horse
   - English
   - Spanish
   - Used

Wedding / anniversary gifts



Baby Items
  - Bracelets
   - Cups
   - Rattles
   - Rings
   - Spoons

Barrettes, Combs

- Ghost beads
    - Necklace extenders
    - Sets with earrings
    - Sterling Silver
    - Vintage

Bolo Ties
   - Slides
   - Cords, strings

   - Baby
   - Bangles
   - Bargain
   - Beaded
   - Bear claw
   - Charm
   - Copper
   - Inlay
   - Ketohs (Bowguards), Leather Cuffs and Concho Belt Bracelets
   - Link
   - Mexican
   - Sterling silver
   - Stone
   - Turquoise
   - Twist
   - Vintage

Buckles, Belt
   - Bargain
   - Copper
   - New
   - Vintage

Cables, sterling silver

Chains, sterling silver

Collars, sterling silver

Combs, Barrettes

Concho Belts

Copper Shop
   - Bracelets
   - Buckles
   - Earrings
   - Miscellaneous
   - Pins
   - Rings

Cross Pendants
   - New
   - Vintage

   - Animal fetish
   - Bargain
   - Cuff, screw, clip
   - Copper
   - Vintage
   - Post
   - Wire

Ghost Beads

Hair keepers
   - Barrettes
   - Clasps
   - Combs
   - Copper
   - Feather Hair Ties

Hat Bands

Heishi necklaces
   - By length
   - By style
   - Vintage

Helpers, Jewelery
   - Anti-tarnish bags
   - Jewelry trays
   - Magnetic clasps
   - Necklace extenders
   - Pin to pendant converters
   - Polishing cloth

Household silver
   - Baby
   - Miniatures
   - Pill Boxes
   - Salt cellar
   - Spoons

Key rings
   - Bargain
   - New
   - Vintage

Magnetic Clasps

Mens' items

   - Kachinas
   - Kettles
   - Pill Boxes
   - Pitchers
   - Pots and pans
   - Seed Pots
   - Tea Sets
   - Wedding Vases

Money clips
   - Bargain
   - New
   - Vintage


Navajo Pearls
    - Necklaces
    - Vintage
    - Sets

   - Animal Fetish
   - Bargain Barn
   - Beads, sterling silver
   - Bear claw
   - Chains
   - Collars
   - Copper
   - Crosses
   - Desert Pearls
   - Extenders
   - Ghost Beads
   - Heishi
   - Jaclas
   - Leather chokers
   - Mexican
   - Navajo Pearls
   - Necklace extenders
   - Nugget
   - Omegas
   - Pendants with necklaces
   - Squash Blossom
   - Sterling Silver Beads
   - Stone
   - Vintage

Neckace Extenders, bead and chain

Omegas and Chains

   - Animals
   - Bargain
   - Copper
   - Crosses
   - Misc. Designs
   - Pin pendants
   - Stones and inlays
   - Symbols
   - Vintage

Pill Boxes
   - New
   - Vintage

   - Bargain
   - Copper
   - General
   - Mexican
   - Pin pendants
   - Vintage

  Pin pendants
   - Bargain
   - Copper
   - General
   - Mexican
   - Vintage

Pin to pendant converters

   - Baby
   - Bargain
   - Copper
   - New
   - Toe
   - Vintage


   - New
   - Vintage

Vintage & New Old Stock

   - Barrettes-Combs
   - Bolo ties
   - Bracelets
   - Buckles
   - Earrings
   - Mexican
   - Misc
   - Necklaces
   - Pendants
   - Pins
   - Rings
   - Sets
   - Watches

   - Ladies
   - Mens
   - Vintage

Wedding / anniversary gifts